Sequence, launch and mix video or audio clips using midi.

It all works in Chrome!

Tested with various controllers and sequencers.
Download the code and make it your own.

Working in Chrome & Safari
Works with any HID compliant MIDI Input
Works off-line no server required
JQuery Library - Everything procedural.
Vanilla Lots of easy if x = blah do that stuff...

Download HTML for offline use v0.01 Aug 2021

See it in action

Quick Look Video - sorry poor audio...
Working on a better video ironically... Ha!

not playing try the youTube link
Keyboard Control

Open Settings
Close Settings
Full Screen
You can change the settings to work with your midi controller.
A piano keyboard will toggle first 8 screens. Use notes C3 -> C4
How to use

1 Use buttons below to launch the     experiment

2 You need to click on the black screen     with the mouse to activate scripts

3 Use the the down arrow to configure     clips and your MIDI controller.

Video Launcher
Sample Launcher

 You will need a USB midi interface and a contoller
 Or MIDI over LAN drivers installed
 Or MIDI over bluetooth or any other compliant MIDI HID
 This online demo crashes Raspberry Pi 4
  due to video clip size. Sorry I wrote it on a Pi4
  Use download link to add local video files
 It works on a pentium Dual core, but an i5 is A++
 Projector on the output and your DAW can be the VJ