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Arduino USB MIDI Interface
Atmel Atmega32u4 5v 6n138 MIDI

 Self Build
 11 Components to solder
 Available as kit of parts (pre-programmed)
 1 x MIDI IN
 1 x USB
 Appears as USB MIDI Controller on
   Windows Mac Linux Android
 Arduino Pro Micro
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Midi to CV convertor
With OLED screen and buttons

 Convert midi to CV without computer
 Screen to see incoming MIDI
 Buttons to change RX MIDI Channel

YM2149F USB Synth v2
Full USB Midi Synth v2

 USB MIDI IN - 16 Channels
 YM2149F 40 Pin
 Drums on Channel 10
 Varied envelopes on each MIDI channel
MIDI Synthesizer with 4 bit samples

Arduino YM2149F MIDI IN Synth OLED Arduino YM2149F MIDI IN Synth OLED
 5 Pin DIN MIDI In
 8 MIDI Channels
 Channel 10 4 bit samples
 Full code available
 3 Voice Polyphony
 OLED Display
 Excellent S/N ratio
 9v to 18v DC Supply
 Video in action
View 2.1a
View 2.1b